XBTFX is a Crypto FOREX broker created by long time crypto users,  Forex business owners and traders.

Before we talk about XBTFX we first need to talk about Bitcoin. XBTFX is founded by Bitcoin believers whom believe cryptocurrencies as a whole will and has changed the financial landscape forever. We believe in free markets, the kind we haven't seen for over a century, the decentralization of finance and we particularly value privacy.

Benjamin Franklin famously said "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety". This is a core principle by which XBTFX stands. It has now been too long that citizens of the world have given up essential liberties for the illusion of temporary safety. Bitcoin is a movement against the constant debasement of fiat currencies and endless debt generation as well as a movement against censorship.

XBTFX was formed of the continued need for a safe and honest trading environment for transacting crypto, trading Forex , Crypto  and CFDs. XBTFX removes risk and conflict of interest for traders and crypto users by having deployed a true STP liquidity infrastructure ensuring the broker earns a profit from the commissions of its users, not their trading losses.

Enter XBTFX-

The vision of the XBTFX is to bridge the growing gap between cryptocurrencies and unreliable brokers while increasing features, transparency and usability. Our goal is to have you trade freely with confidence.

By partnering with the top IT and development firms in the brokerage space we have produced a product, service and staff that we believe is above the current market standard. As a matter of fact, we would say what we offer is best in class in terms of execution and technical capabilities. We are offering MetaTrader 5, a platform, renowned for its EA capabilities and quick execution speed with a direct bridge to liquidity that is settled in Crypto by our licensed liquidity providers.

We have added several layers of funds security which contain Cold Storage, 2FA, manual withdraw approvals and regular internal auditing. In addition to funds security, we are in the process of organizing an insurance fund with licensed custody.

To cater to the needs of the cryptocurrency traders community, we provide the ability to have a trading account denominated in something less volatile in the form of the stablecoins via USDT and USDC. We also provide the ability to exchange from BTC to USDT/USDC straight into our platform or withdrawal. We understand that when trading traditional markets , deposits denominated into a more stable base currency with and end result for profits in crypto has its appeal thus, we took the time and effort to provide exchange capability directly into our platform. In addition, by using the exchange function on our platform, traders are even more capable to decide what amount of their finances they want in different currencies at specific times.

Encompassing all the above, we have outlined where our core principles and strengths are at this stage. The key question that remains is why trust us? The answer is simple, our success depends on our clients success. If XBTFX clients are happy with our services and earning from an honest trading environment, we will prosper in a win-win fashion over the years to come.

Best of success trading!


This intro has been prepared by XBTFX.

Your Crypto, Your Way.

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