We are pleased to announce XBTFX has reached another signification milestone with the integration of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform ( MT4 ).

While MT4 is a step back in version from MetaTrader 5 ( MT5 ), the demand for MQL4, MT4 EAs and the simplicity of MT4 is still in high demand and widely used by the vast MT4 community of developers & traders around the world.  MT4 has been widely requested by our traders. XBTFX has listened and now delivered.

XBTFX MT4 is available in ECN USD base currency accounts. USD fiat wallets have been added to our user interface and the conversion from stable coins to USD within the XBTFX Exchange function is with zero fees ( 1:1 ) .

MT4 has been added to the XBTFX user interface along side MT5 with the same account creation and management that we offer with MT5 inside our user interface. Users can create and archive live/demo MT4 accounts , transfer between accounts , view history , performance charts, name, and manage passwords within the XBTFX Interface.

Getting Started with XBTFX MT4

Login to XBTFX and Select Trade Accounts /  MT4 from the left side navigation . Then proceed to create your live account . Choose MT4 ECN live, set your leverage and press Open Account. You will then be emailed your MT4 login ID and Password.

How to Deposit into XBTFX MT4

XBTFX MT4 accounts are in base currency USD. All wallet deposits require conversion to USD that is then transferred into MT4 for live trading  . Stable coins are with 1:1 conversion and zero fess when converting to USD.

Step 1: Exchange to USD

Select Exchange on the left side navigation to access the exchange tool

Example exchanging USDT to USD

Step 2: Transfer USD into your MT4 account to begin trading.

Select Funds / Transfer from the left side navigation. Select your USD wallet on the top box and your Mt4 account on the bottom box. Enter the transfer amount and press Transfer.

The funds will now be inside your MT4 trading account and you can begin live trading

XBTFX Transfer to tool

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