In this post we would like to give some security tips to our users on how to protect their accounts with XBTFX and that of their Bitcoin.

  1. We want to remind everyone to turn Two Factor Authentication on, XBTFX supports Google Authenticator so it is extremely simple to set it up. Check our step-by-step guide how to do that :
  2. Make sure that the e-mail you have used for registering with XBTFX has a different password from your login in XBTFX. Big websites and services get hacked almost daily and malicious hackers can easily find decrypted passwords of those hacked websites.
  3. Ensure your Trading Account Password and your Client Portal password are different. XBTFX generates a random strong password upon MT5 account creation, however, it is generally best practice to change that in the event your e-mail gets hacked.
  4. Every time you visit XBTFX Client Portal login page located at or any other page of XBTFX ensure that the URL in browser is with and that Secure Connection is established.
  5. XBTFX and any of its employees will never ask you about your password to any of the services we provide.
  6. We strongly recommend the use of Cold Wallets to store your non-trading account crypto currencies. Trezor and Ledger are among the most popular Cold wallets.