XBTFX is pleased to announce that Multi-collateral DAI ( DAI ) is available for deposit, exchange and withdraw within the XBTFX user interface .  Traders can now deposit DAI and exchange into any MetaTrader 5 base account currency for trading Forex, Crypto, Commodities & Index CFDs. Users can exchange out from their MT5 trading accounts to DAI for withdrawals. In the near future, XBTFX plans to add DAI as a base account currency in MetaTrader 5 to be used as direct collateral for live trading on all Crypto and traditional markets available at XBTFX.

DAI is a stablecoin, launched by MakerDao, that is pegged to the US dollar. It's the world’s first unbiased stablecoin that is decentralized, running on the Ethereum blockchain. DAIs USD soft peg price stability is managed through a system of lending on the Ethereum network.

XBTFX currently has 15 cryptocurrencies for deposit, withdrawal and exchange including 6 Stablecoins . The XBTFX MetaTrader 5 STP platform is available with accounts in four different base currencies : Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether and USD Coin. For more details please visit XBTFX Deposit and Withdrawal methods.

XBTFX Forex user interface
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